Mar. 28th, 2021

Legacy, NY. Legacy, Ny is the city that was founded by Steve Rogers and Mystique after the war with Thanos. They both wanted a safe home for those with powers and their friends and families to live in peace. But all of that was over 200 years ago. Now the city is still home for mutants, inhumans and many other powered peoples and their families, but there is a tension in the air now. The surrounding human cities have been pillaging on the borders of Legacy, saying that the city has stolen all the wealth for itself. There are even people in the US Government that are lobbying to have the land taken away from the citizens of Legacy and forcing them to relocate to one of the harsher environments in the country.

The law has yet to pass, but that is mostly because Legacy does have those that are advocating on it's behalf. Some have even pointed out that should this law pass it would lead to a war that humanity wouldn't stand a chance of winning in it's current state. The city of Legacy is currently run by a parliament which consists of five members. All five of the members can trace their lineage back to at least one Avenger or X-Men and 3 are powered individuals and 2 are not. This is a recent development though. Usually the parliament consists of all powered individuals, but one of the current members went to bat for allowing humans to have a voice since so many of them made their homes in Legacy as well to support their powered family and friends. Parliament members are elected every year and the current parliament was elected only 2 months ago.

OOC~ Legacy, NY is a futuristic next gen Marvel game. Grand Children and even great grandchildren of current Canon Marvel characters are welcome, but so are original characters that have no lineage to the canon characters. Game opens with ten apps or on April 1st.

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Mar. 14th, 2021



* All holds last for 72 hours!
* No Anonymous Holds
* All players can hold up to three played bys at a time. A player must be have been in the game for one month and passed their monthly activity requirement for all current characters before holding additional characters.
* To hold your played by comment to this post with the following information:


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